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Script Yorkshire

 AGM 2016

Photos by Michael J Oakes

Another successful AGM under our belts, and we report on a very successful year.  A lot of members are doing really well.  Big whoop!

Once the meeting was over we had a Q&A session with an all-female panel ... something you don't see very often, even though it's 2016! But hosted by R4 Afternooon Drama Writer and Producer, Gary Brown.

On the panel were Leeds-based scriptwriters Lisa Holdsworth (New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, Fat Friends), Gaby Chiappe (Shetland, The Level, Eastenders), and Alison Hume (Sparticle Mystery, Pure).

Really brilliant discussion. Told it like it is ... basically it's a tough industry to get into and succeed in.  Seems especially so if you're a woman and based in the north.

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